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Many times during our RAF Farm Tours, prospective clients will ask “What is your favorite season here?”… Needless to say, it is genuinely hard to name a favorite when each season brings such a different yet invitingly rich feeling with it. Today we explore Hannah and Jake’s early Fall wedding {September 16th} captured by Rachel Rowland Photography- 

Hannah and Jake met in the Fifth Grade, and while Hannah knew then that Jake was a catch, it took Jake a while to pick up on the hints… The pair share fond memories of their childhood friendship from after school hangouts to ice cream trips to the infamous pool party {where Jake asked Hannah to be his Chicken Partner and from there it was history}. After their first date, Hannah and Jake were inseparable – attending college together, vacations together, adopting their ADORABLE Goldendoodle Hudson and their big move to Virginia to follow their passions.  


Hannah kept the surprise of her bridal look not only from Jake and the guests, but her girls too! The bridal party was told to hide in the bathroom while Hannah added the final touches to shock them with! 


Hannah and Jake’s ceremony was made personal in so many ways from Hannah’s walk down the aisle joined by her Father and Step Father, the officiant that was Jake’s childhood friend and neighbor {!}, their strong faith and the fierce love they showed at every turn. 




With fun touches like the “Find Your Seat” Board from Wood and Grace and “Eat, Drink and Be Married” Wine Glass Favors, Hannah and Jake’s reception was a day to be remembered by all. 


Best wishes to the Newest Mr. and Mrs. from the Rustic Acres Farm and JPC Event Group Team

We love sharing the beautiful, happy, well put together weddings that are hosted at the farm on our blog!  It’s a chance for us to revel in your happiness, and share our pleasant memories of the day.   Lately, though, it has been feeling like perhaps we should share some of our experiences as a staff at Rustic Acres also.  

Just as our clients, our team of venue coordinators, event planners, floral staff, service attendants, chefs, farm property owners, and inventory managers all have families and commitments outside of the work week that we enjoy and long to participate in.  We also have feelings and desire to do our jobs well.  We have accepted that we will be giving up many weekends, holidays and special milestones of our own to ensure that our clients have the best days of their lives.  With that said…

Please know that when your vendors scream at us because they want earlier access to the farm, or your guests enter the restricted horse pasture and throw drinks on us because we ask them to stop riding the horses bareback, these aren’t high points of our day or our task of making your wedding day the best it can be.

When we enter the bridal cottage after you exit for the evening faced with a sea of your trash and debri that couldn’t even be placed in a trashcan, or you felt inclined to “take” the champagne glasses and dishes that we provide in the kitchenette or the art off the wall that was custom painted for us by a previous client home with you, that doesn’t make us grateful that we worked super hard through heat, rain or other conditions to ensure everything was perfect.  

When you and your guests speak to us as if we do not deserve courtesy, or your father drunkenly berates us because last call is over and the bar has been closed for clean-up, we are often left to second guess our choice to dedicate ourselves to celebrating others and their happiness.

When your bridal party thinks it would be hilarious to unlock the cow pasture gate and “encourage” the cows to flee in fear, we are not toasting your nuptial love while searching the neighboring fields and forests in the dark.  

When you or your guests throw drinks, hot cups of coffee, hot candle wax, and trash over the sides of the barn deck railing and hit us while we go about our duties below, or your guests crash their vehicles into the farm security fence and bend the post, breaking the opening mechanisms, and then drive away leaving us to discover it later when you need out of the drive, we aren’t really compelled to maintain our sense of joy in celebrating with you.

It’s the law of cause and effect it seems.  So please… wedding guests, industry vendors, and client hosts alike, let’s all celebrate to the best of our abilities and remember that we are all human.

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Sometimes the greyest days make for the best pictures, and this was certainly the case for Amanda and Mark! The Oberports beautifully captured every detail from the couples day and we are still swooning! Mark, a professor at Slippery Rock University, and Amanda, a Professional Photographer in the City of Pittsburgh, chose Rustic Acres to house their main event as it was just minutes from their family home in New Wilmington! The couple chose to have a first look not only with each other but with their guests as well as they stood before the ceremony site, personally greeting everyone who arrived!


Rustic Acres Farm Wedding; Mark and Amanda Chase; The Oberports

Rustic Acres Farm Wedding; Mark and Amanda Chase; The Oberports

Rustic Acres Farm Wedding; Mark and Amanda Chase; The Oberports

Rustic Acres Farm Wedding; Mark and Amanda Chase; The Oberports

Rustic Acres Farm Wedding; Mark and Amanda Chase; The Oberports

Rustic Acres Farm Wedding; Mark and Amanda Chase; The Oberports


The non-traditional couple joined each other, accompanied by the Mother of the Groom and Mother of the Bride, for their short walk down the aisle.



Rustic Acres Farm Wedding; Mark and Amanda Chase; The Oberports




After the ceremony, guests were invited to the top level of the barn for a delicious spread of appetizers from the “Tomato Harvest Festival” provided by JPC Event Group.









After a quick change, the new Mr. and Mrs. were ready for their grand introduction and First Dance!





The color scheme for the wedding was jewel tones, and the couple displayed their vibrant florals on classic navy linens with a mixture of round and rectangle table shape.






Once the speeches concluded, the Chefs of JPC delivered a delicious meal to the guests beginning with an Apple Pecan Field Green Salad followed by a duet plate of Merlot and Shallot Braised Short Ribs, Strawberry BBQ Chicken Breast, Whipped Yukon Gold Potatoes, and Grilled Asparagus Speers.





To be sure the couple was seen in all of the details of the event, the “Grooms Cake” was a very unique Cheese Wheel Cake crafted by the Chefs of JPC.





The party began immediately once the Bachelor Boys began playing sounds the whole crowd recognized and continued on into the night!










Congrats and well wishes to the new Mr. and Mrs. from the Rustic Acres Farm and JPC Event Group Team!


In this Real Wedding Recap, we’re reminiscing to a Nude, Blush and Marsala Wedding held on July 23rd! Natalie, a Global Brand Manager at J&M Strategic Consulting, Inc., and JT, an NHL Hockey Player for the New York Rangers, brought their families from all over to share in their special day at Rustic Acres Farm. With the best team of vendors {JPC Event Group, Garnish Event Design, Eva Lin Photography, Rock The House, Shofilms}, the couple carried out their vision and delivered an epic guest experience!


Eva Lin Photography -23


We start off with the rehearsal dinner, also held at Rustic Acres, on Friday! {Did you know we host rehearsal dinners?!}


Eva Lin Photography -10


Eva Lin Photography -16


Craig 2


The couple utilized the newly renovated patio below the deck to host their guests during cocktails.


Eva Lin Photography -25


Eva Lin Photography -22  

Eva Lin Photography -32


Eva Lin Photography -45


craig 3


After Cocktails, the guests were guided into the newly renovated lower level of the barn for dinner service. Mother of the Groom – Jen – selected rectangle tables with Ice Peach linens to compliment the Gold Chairs and Rustic feel of the barn. Garnish Event Design provided peach accent florals and rustic lanterns for a mixed rustic vintage approach.


Eva Lin Photography -2


craig 4


Eva Lin Photography -61


Eva Lin Photography -53


Eva Lin Photography -63


Eva Lin Photography -66


After a heartfelt journey down memory lane direct by JT’s mother, the group headed back to their hotel to rest up for the big day!

Image credits: Eva Lin Photography


“Rain, rain, go away! Come again another day!”  Living in beautiful Pennsylvania certainly comes with one thing—unexpected weather. With our opening wedding weekend debuting last weekend, so did a Saturday full of dark clouds and wet puddles. Your wedding day only comes once, and we want it to be the best it can be, despite the twists and turns in the unforeseen weather patterns. When planning for a wedding, you try to prepare for everything, and that must include mother nature! With JPC Event Group managing an outdoor wedding venue, Rustic Acres Farm, we are more than used to accommodating weather plans. While making the call to move the ceremony location or rearrange your reception plans isn’t fun, the truth is, the earlier you are prepared for the possibility of rain or other inclement weather, the better. Here are some helpful tips to keep you and your guests happy on your big day, no matter what the forecast.

Hotmetalstudio rustic acres wedding photography-481
Photo by: Hot Metal Studio

1. ALWAYS have a backup plan:

Wedding season typically runs from May to October, and so does the rain! If your wedding is falling in any month where rain is a possibility, the absolute best thing to do is to have a plan in place as soon as you begin your wedding planning. This way, you will be used to the plan and the idea that it may happen, and it will be less of an upsetting shock on the actual day. You simply cannot plan an outdoor wedding and hang on the hope it won’t rain. At Rustic Acres Farm, we have made sure to renovate our space so that there are numerous places to have both a ceremony and reception when the sun is not shining. From our pull down covered sides on our wrap around deck, to a newly finished downstairs covered patio, there are plenty of ways to still have a picture perfect ceremony! We have also had couples move their ceremony to the inside of the barn, as well. As your wedding planner, we will always do as much as we can to make your day perfect, even if it is raining. In past years, we have gone to extraordinary measures for our clients, even moving large floral arches inside after they were set up outside to make the inside space just as magical as the bride and groom originally pictured and planned for it to be outdoors.

Hotmetalstudio rustic acres wedding photography-447
Photo by: Hot Metal Studio

2. Keep Your Head Up:

No event planner wants to make the call to move to a rain plan. Most of the time, the decision disappoints the planner as much as it does the bride and groom! As an event planner, there are always times where we will make a last minute game time decision to try and do the original plan despite the weather, but this isn’t always the best option. The fact of the matter is, the sooner the decision is made to go with the rain plan, the better it will flow. If you decide to go with Plan B early enough, there is still time to make the new space look as good as it can and just as nice as it would have been outdoors.

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Photo by: Lacandella Weddings

3. Think of Your Guests:

While it may have been a more unique ceremony to get married under a tree, in front of water or in the middle of a field, your guests are not going to appreciate the fact that you had them standing in the center of a thunderstorm to see you say “I do.” Your guests have come from near and far in their nicest clothes, and sitting on wet seats does not always go over well. If you are going to go for it, make sure you have provided your guests with an efficient amount of umbrellas, tents, or heaters to fill the space.

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Photo by: Lacandella Weddings

4. Protect Your Dress & Hair:

If your wedding day turns out to be wet and rainy, make sure to protect your dress, hair and makeup! Using a large umbrella is sure to do the trick—not to mention the many helping hands who will want to assist you in holding up your dress to protect it from the wet grass or mud. Having a small can of hairspray near and ready will help keep your hair under control with no frizz if the rain is accompanied by humidity. {If you have a planner, they probably have some available in an emergency kit!} Lastly, if you still want to take some photos outside, place a white sheet under your dress. This will not only protect you and your dress, but will also be nearly invisible in your photos!

Hotmetalstudio rustic acres wedding photography-426
Photo by: Hot Metal Studio

5. Stay Positive:  

Even if the weather is not the best, don’t let it ruin one of the biggest days of your life! Take a long, deep breath and leave the worrying to your event planner. Think of the positives that come along with the rain. Yes– we know this may not be the easiest tasks, but not only does the not so great weather turn out beautiful in photos {it really does,} but most people will tell you that having rain on your wedding day is GOOD LUCK. Embrace it!


JPC Event Group & Rustic Acres Farm

Planning your wedding day with us? Keep calm and say I do! Here are some frequently asked questions to help make your big day perfect at Rustic Acres Farm.

Photographer: Rachel Rowland Photography
Photographer: Rachel Rowland Photography

Q. Am I permitted to bring my pet to participate in my ceremony?
A. We adore pets at RAF and love when they can celebrate with their families on wedding days. We do ask that you keep animals leashed or crated to ensure their safety, as well as the safety of the animals that reside at RAF permanently. We also ask that pets not be taken into the bridal preparation cottage or allowed to do their business on the main guest paths and walk-ways, or in the barn structure. For cute pet inspiration for your ceremony, check out:  Don’t Forget Fido: 5 Adorable Ways to Incorporate Your Pet In Your Wedding Day.

Q. Am I permitted to have a sparkler exit to end my ceremony?
A. Sparkler exits are permitted on the main gravel drive outside the barn structures and off the acid stained barn entrance patio. Because the barn is built of older barn wood, sparklers should be kept a good distance from the barn itself, and the shrubbery and trees surrounding the barn. We ask that you provide proper extinguishing items such as a galvanized tub filled with sand for your guests to properly put the sparklers out after use.

Q. What is the schedule for the payments on my event account?
A. Your event reservation payment to hold your event date is split into three easy to handle payments with the first $500 being due at contract signing, the 2nd installment due at 90 days from the contract date, and the 3rd being due at 180 days from the contract date. Guest count number finalizations are due 21 days before your event at which time a final billing of your event account will be emailed to you for payment with a due date of 7 days before the event.

Stay tuned for more wedding day FAQ’s.

Real Wedding: Eckert Wedding

There’s an old adage that rain on your wedding day brings good luck. These mesmerizing portraits of the stunning couple, Kate and Ben tell a lucky love story, indeed! Armed with colorful wellies, this couple wasn’t going to let a few drops stop them from saying “I Do” on an enthralling day at Rustic Acres Farm. In fact, they did what every prepared Western PA couple should do- come prepared and celebrate in style!

Photography by Hot Metal Studio
Photography by Hot Metal Studio

As soon as Kate and her bridesmaids (including her loyal yellow lab, Bruno) arrived, they were greeted by farm favorites, Emme and Murphy, who lead them to the charming bridal cottage.

Photography by Hot Metal Studio
Photography by Hot Metal Studio

Kate and the girls sipped champagne and coffee as they were pampered by Allison Roth Studio and Kate Heeter. The groom made the most of time with friends on the grounds while he waited for his stunning bride.

Photography by Hot Metal Studio
Photography by Hot Metal Studio

Rolling cloud cover made a dramatic juxtaposition to the delicate beauty of Kate’s ethereal bridal style.

Photography by Hot Metal Studio
Photography by Hot Metal Studio

The intimate ceremony was held on the picturesque veranda overlooking the farm, lit with a soft glow from chandlers and rose quart lined tables. Guests were greeted with the enchanting sounds of a harp.

Photography by Hot Metal Studio
Photography by Hot Metal Studio

The JPC Event Group staff welcomed the newlyweds and guests with hand passed hor dourves by Savor Fresh Catering, luxe vintage decor by Garnish Event Design, and a Pittsburgh Cookie Table set for a King and Queen.

Photography by Hot Metal Studio
Photography by Hot Metal Studio

Gold chivari chairs set against rose quarts draped tables, set the stage for romance.
Round white china and gold rimmed water goblets by Garnish Event Design sat atop each table as florals and garlands by greenSinner lined the center.

Photography by Hot Metal Studio
Photography by Hot Metal Studio

We loved watching this glorious couple embrace the magic of a romantic rainy day on Rustic Acres Farm. They are lucky in love, and we were lucky to serve them.

Photography by Hot Metal Studio
Photography by Hot Metal Studio

Event Planner: JPC Event Group
Wedding Venue: Rustic Acres Farm
Decor: Garnish Event Design
Catering: Savor Fresh Catering
Florals: greenSinner
Hair: Kate Heeter
Make-Up: Allison Roth Studio
Photographer: Hot Metal Studio